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Laundry Room Renovation Design

November 28, 2017

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While kitchens and bathrooms are the most popular home renovation projects, the laundry room is beginning to become a sought after renovation area. Long gone are the days of having the laundry room hidden from the rest of the home. Nowadays, laundry rooms are now integrated into home design, instead of being thrown into the floor plan as an afterthought.

Location Changes

Over the years, laundry rooms have gone through several transitions. First, they moved out of the basement and onto the main floor. Still, they were often neglected and placed in the mud room or garage. More recently, they have been making a move to the second floor, or close to the bedrooms. Oftentimes, laundry rooms will be located nearest the master bedroom, or even part of the master closet. The biggest advantage in having the laundry room near the bedrooms, or as part of the closet, is because it is near where most of the dirty clothes, sheets, blankets, and other items are generated.

While laundry rooms were once an afterthought in design, many homeowners are striving to make the laundry room (and process) more enjoyable. This is often accomplished by making the laundry room more stylish and functional, and with better storage.

Laundry Room with Several Uses

Surprisingly, laundry rooms can be turned into the perfect multi-purpose room for anything from crafts, to an office space. Having a laundry room serve as a multi-purpose room is the perfect way to add a little bit of extra space that your family needs. Some homeowners might have their laundry room located right off of the kitchen area. The laundry room can then serve as a place to store overflow pantry items, or even a a wine fridge.

Designing the Room

When designing a laundry room, it is important to create a functional design by placing certain elements near or adjacent each other. These items include the appliances, supplies, hamper, and work surface.

Appliances. Having the washer and dryer placed side by side makes it easier to transfer wet clothes without creating a mess.

Supplies. Having the laundry detergent and fabric softener in an easy to reach place will make the process that much more enjoyable. We recommend storing detergents, stain removers, and any other related items in a bin or basket, or on an easy to reach shelf.

Hamper. A great to maximize the efficiency of the laundry area is to add in a place for the laundry hamper. This can include a pull out cabinet solution, large shelves, or an open niche.

Work Surface. Having a counter or table top space is perfect for sorting, spot treating, or making any repairs to your garments.

Some other things to include in the laundry room can include drying racks, an ironing board, and a steamer.

Choosing the Materials

Choosing finishes and materials for the laundry room can be tricky. Since laundry rooms experience frequent spills and sprays, it is best to choose materials that are durable versus materials that are ultra luxurious. Some great options for floors are low cost linoleum, cork, or vinyl. Having wood floors in the laundry room may not be the best choice due to the likelihood of moisture in the room. As far as countertops go, it is important to choose something that is low maintenance. While natural stones, such as marble, are beautiful and timeless, they are porous and prone to stains. For a laundry room, it is best to stick with laminate or an engineered stone, such a quartz.

Overall, renovating your laundry room will add value to your home in more ways than one. If you are interested in a home renovation project, please call Balducci Additions and Remodeling for a free estimate!

Decoration Plans for Wedding Tables

November 28, 2017

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Wedding Sparkler Buckets are a great way to make the entire eve a lot more interesting. A Bucket full of those that the guests can just reach out to and light up is one of the best ways to keep the guests occupied and give the place a feeling that it is indeed alive. Wedding Sparkler Buckets can turn out to be dangerous if they are not handled with care and not under adult supervision in the case of children, because their tips are sharp and the sparks can cause harm to those around.

Another problem that many people associate with the use of sparklers in such events is that they act environmental polluters with their smoke and smell, for which you need to be sure you contact the right supplier. All in all, a bucket full of sparklers is what every table needs!

# Vases

A table having a vase of fresh flowers is the perfect way to make someone look forward to the wedding, because they enter and see that their tables are decorated so well which instantly makes them look forward to the evening. If you really want to spice up their evening a bit more, you can have a flat vase full of flowers with sweets which are kept in that environment that the people can consume at will.

Remember; to make the wedding tables one of the most aesthetically pleasing outfits of your wedding, you will need to do something new or at least impactful like this in order to get the vote of ‘the wedding we will always remember’.

# Fashion

A wedding is one event where people come dressed up in the most stylish, sophisticated and quality dressing they have. You need to understand, however, that this saying does not apply to just humans; it applies to everything around ranging from the walls to the tables.

For starters, you need to be sure whether the wedding you are organizing has a theme or not. By default, if such an event does not have a theme, then the most dominant colour that is seen around is thought to be the theme colour. This means that if the walls or the lawn is mostly decorated in white, and you come up with a color for the table cloths that is not even remotely white, you are doing it wrong. This theme is quite important in making sure that the people around feel good about the setting, because there may not by many extrinsic critics, but there will always be many intrinsic ones.

# Comfort

As a man who wears a standard three-piece suit, you are not usually concerned with how the material of the tablecloth feels against your bare arm, but as a woman that will certainly bother you if you have not decided to wear a full sleeved dress. You cannot simply provide candy to the eyes of the guest at the cost of their overall comfort.

Make sure that the seat cushions are as comfortable as your budget can afford, that the table is sturdy and not uncomfortable to keep hands on and that no part of your setting near the table is untidy, because the bride and groom do not want their anniversary date to be remembered by negative connotations.